Our history
Since the 1950s my father, Antonio Moschetta, grew his vineyards with passion, producing quality grapes and wines, to satisfy the needs of his large family.

My father passed on to me, Luigi, his experience and the passion for growing vineyards and producing wines. In the 1960s I built the cellar for the wine production. Successively, I thought of providing a job for my son, Isacco, who in the last years followed a number of courses on wine production.

As the company is family run, we are able to check every phase in the production. From the growth of the grapes, the wine bottling, to the final delivery to the customer. We also give recommendations on how to best maintain and appreciate our wines.

Our experience and passion as wine producers, together with our goal to integrate tradition and innovation, is a guarantee of quality and of constant attention to the needs of our customers.

Azienda Agricola Moschetta Isacco - Via S.Maria, 19 - 33087 Pasiano di Pordenone (PN) Italy - Telephone 3397453620 VAT no. 01579050939
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